Nisha Krishnan

I like to think of my work as unfinished inventories of fragments: objects, visuals, installations and other medium which constantly transforms to create more meaning. They act as the stepping stones, opening up a trail of thought through our minds and be used to question our making of the world we live in. I work on installations which run to tell a story, revealing a final message over time. Relying on our sensibilities to reach a point of realization I eventually would like my work to blow up to serve a greater purpose.
My work revolves around using objects to turn physical spaces into an eye opener, to let the audience see the bigger picture of some of our actions. I wish to take people down a experience enriching path with aid of either memories or just simply the aesthetics of the art. I follow a research first approach dependent on data and statistics to build visualizations. Having been brought up in a family where I have been taught to value the smallest things in life, I believe it has always made me imagine life without…

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